5 Quarantine Food Trends to Try Right Now

We’ve been in lockdown here in London for almost 2 months, and what’s more exciting to do to pass the time other than trying new crazy food trends?

Here are 5 fun food trends to try (family and kids friendly too), and hopefully you are able to get all the ingredients and have a go at being an at home master chef!

1. Pancake Cereal

As of the time of writing this post, this trend is still quite new (at least on the Instagram world) but I believe this has already gone viral on TikTok! 

It’s essentially your good ol’ classic pancake recipe but adding your batter to the pan with a piping bag (a Ziplock bag will also do) and pipe into small circles. Finish off with the usual knob of butter and syrup – and I’ll leave the milk aside in case it causes any controversy. (I can’t even stand soggy cereal let alone soggy pancakes.)

Tip: flip the whole lot with a spatula.

2. Sourdough Bread

This one is probably on the “yes everyone has tried this including my upstairs neighbour’s dog” level of quarantine trend – next to banana bread. In case you’re rolling your eyes and wondering why everyone else is giving this a go, sourdough requires more knowledge, patience and technique than your usual banana bread-making. Which makes this a good life skill to acquire before… the next pandemic… *touchwood*

*insert eureka moment: Ohhhhh that’s where all the flour went…*

Edd over at The Boy Who Bakes (link here) has a useful step-by-step guide to making sourdough, and also other delicious recipes you can make from sourdough discard, such as cookies and bagels!

3. Focaccia Art

A fascinating one that has been popping up across the pond is focaccia art! You can use all sorts of different herbs and vegetables to transform your bread into a beautiful painting! And if your artistic sense isn’t quite there, you’ll still have a block of delicious focaccia.

The original is by Vineyard Bakers and she shares different bread art ideas here.

4. Chocolate Chip Cookies

I think this is more of a thing here in the UK – earlier on during the UK lockdown Ravneet Gill shared her recipe for her chocolate chip cookies and these are glorious! You get the perfect amount of crispiness and gooeyness and chocolatey indulgence! 

I have also used her recipe as the base of my Chocolate Chip Biscoff S’more Cookies here if you want a bit of a surprise factor!

5. Frying Pan Pizza

Pizza Pilgrims (a London-based gourmet pizza chain) started delivering these frying pan pizza kits via the post and we all think this is a bangin’ great idea. 

In case you don’t have a Pizza Pilgrims nearby you can easily fashion one – and even use some of the sourdough from point 2 above for the dough!

Bonus: Dalgona Coffee

OK, Dalgona coffee is pretty much old news now and I’ve probably made this about 20 times! I’ve even did a little presentation about this on one of my team Zoom calls at work – it’s that level of common knowledge.

For those of you who still don’t know about it or haven’t yet tried it, it’s a 1:1:1 ratio of instant coffee, water and sugar whipped together until it turns into a light, golden brown foam. It’s delicious served on top of milk and ice, and the foam is said to taste like the Korean sweet “Dalgona”, hence the name!

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