4 Summer Drinks to try in a Heatwave

The past week in London felt like a living grill: we had 3 days of cloudless blue skies and temperatures reaching over 30°C! I couldn’t spend more than 5 minutes outside without my skin feeling like it was burning and sweat dripping down my back…

Despite so, most of us have been grateful for this amazing weather we have been having – all this sunshine is the complete opposite of the stereotypically gloomy weather the UK is known for!

To celebrate the summer weather, I have made a short list of summer beverages you can DIY at home, in case we have another heatwave! So fill up your ice cube trays and prepare to have some summer fun!

1. Cube Latte

Have you ever ordered an iced latte at a coffee shop, and moments after you step out your drink has become a watery, diluted mess?

Lo and behold, coffee ice cubes come into the rescue!

Instead of making your ice cubes with water, substitute the water with cold brew or filter coffee instead (or even espresso if you prefer a stronger taste)! (Coffee police please don’t arrest me.)

When you need an icy caffeine kick, simply add your coffee ice cubes into a glass, pour in the milk straight from the fridge and watch your coffee ice cubes slowly melt into the milk for a perfect iced latte! Add a pump of your desired syrup as well to sweeten.

You can also make your ice cubes using ice trays in different shapes!

2. Fruity G&T

The summer heat has definitely made me crave ripe, tangy, juicy fruits of all sorts. I recently tried muddling some beautiful ripe cherries, raspberries and blueberries into my G&T and it turned into a perfectly refreshing drink! 

First, add a handful of fruit into a tall glass, then muddle well. Add a shot of gin and ice and shake well. if you don’t have a shaker, that’s also fine! Strain and top off with tonic water, give it a stir and voila!

For a non-alcoholic version, just leave out the gin!

3. Lemon Soda Fizz

When I visited the States last summer, I would always order a Yuzu fizz at Blue Bottle (Yuzu is a citrus fruit from Japan). It is in fact a very simple drink: simple syrup infused with Yuzu then topped up with soda water!

I tried making my own candied lemon slices as a decoration for the lemon chiffon cake, and ended up with a jar of lemon syrup left over. I added a generous shot to every glass of sparkling water I had and it was such a game changer! It’s like Fanta for grown-ups!

Alternatively, add a shot of gin and you make a classic gin fizz!

You can also make your own syrup with any kind of citrus fruit (blood orange would be so nice).

4. Mango Sorbet Float

This reminds me of those ice cream soda floats that you might have seen at an American diner (or some sort of retro illustration of one). I find adding ice cream to cola a bit of an odd flavour combo, but a fruit sorbet in soda water (or sparklinng water)? YES YES YES YES YES.

Here’s a question: how do you get the scoop of sorbet to float on top of the soda water without the whole thing taking a dunk once it leaves the scoop? (Although it should technically float…)

Cheat answer: add enough ice in the glass so the sorbet scoop sits comfortably on top of the ice.

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