Cafe Diaries: 4 Ice Creams to Try this Summer

I’ve been in this country for over half my life and I honestly do not recall having such good weather until this year. It also seems to know what its doing for the past couple of weeks: cooler, cloudier days for the start of the week, then full-blown sunshine in the weekend.

For those who, like me, can’t handle the heat too well, here are some delicious ice creams I have tried over the last couple of weeks that I think you’ll love!

Rosslyn Coffee

The City was like a post-apocalyptic ghost town when I went a few days ago. There were more buses than bankers, and I wondered if any of the restaurants are making it through this long period of rest in the area. Fortunately one of the best coffeeshops in London re-opened for the fair few who returned, pouring coffee and also a new addition to their menu: the espresso soft serve.

Collaborating with Happy Endings – a East London-based ice cream sandwich maker – they have made this heavenly soft serve ice cream with vanilla infused milk from The Estate Dairy (the finest), 24-hour cold brew from Origin Coffee Roasters, finished off with a dusting of chocolate powder from Melborne-based chocolate maker, Mörk Chocolate. Essentially a simple mish-mash of the finest ingredients into a delightful ice cream.

Available Wednesday to Friday from opening – so yes you can have ice cream first thing in the morning at 7am.

Rosslyn Coffee
78 Queen Victoria St, London EC4N 4SJ


Flor, the sister of Lyle’s, resides in Borough Market serving French/Spanish inspired small plates as well as some of the top pastries in London. Over the lockdown they have developed ASAP Pizza and also a soft serve with weekly flavours. 

These people take the word gourmet very seriously, and the ice cream was no exception. You need to be prepared to try flavours that you have never heard of before – like hyssop and tayberry! They also change the toppings depending on how they go with the ice cream flavours of the week. 

1 Bedale St, London SE1 9AL


Crème is a pastel-pink coloured cookie shop in Soho that specialises in NYC-style cookies. Think Levain and the huge mountains of warm cookie dough.

As an advocate of thin, crispy cookies, the NYC-style counterpart are a bit too heavy for me. However, their ice cream was exceptional and hits all the right spots for me – it’s a sweet-savoury cereal milk ice cream (you can actually taste the wheaty, cornflake-y flavours), surprisingly rich and creamy. I was very impressed by the texture, as sometimes soft serve ice creams tend to be in the more watery, icy side of things. And lastly all topped with a generous handful of chocolate chip cookie crumbs made from their own cookies. Now that amount of cookie dough is just perfect!


4 D’Arblay Street, W1F 8DJ

Happy Endings

Happy Endings is such a good name for a dessert company! I have heard about them quite some time ago but have never had the chance to try their gourmet ice cream sandwiches. It wasn’t until the very same day I had the aforementioned Rosslyn Coffee ice cream that I ordered a few to try from their railway arch in East London.

These ice cream sandwiches are all hand made in a few fun variations. They ones I had were absolutely divine! The cookie/ biscuit still has some crunch, and gave the perfect savoury kick to balance out the sweetness of the ice cream in the middle.  

I picked up:

The Malty One – Malted milk parfait in a crunchy oat biscuit, rolled in malt crumbs, half dipped in 55% milk chocolate.

Milk It! – The Estate Dairy milk ice cream with Original Beans chocolate chip cookie and Maldon sea salt

The Favourite – Bourbon biscuit, malt parfait and salty chocolate crumbs dipped in 55% Original Beans milk chocolate

They also have a vegan one, a Negroni version and also a gigantic replicate of The Malty One!

They are also available at Pavilion, Eat 17 plus many other independents, as well as online orders for delivery.

Happy Endings

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