Recipe: Panna Cotta with Côtes du Rhône Rosé Wine Jelly

This blog post contains a paid collaboration with Côtes du Rhône.

2020 and 2021 has definitely been an interesting time for us travel lovers: making lists of places to go to once travel is allowed, scrolling through old photos, turning our living room into a sandy beach (at least in our imagination)…

One thing that I have discovered in the past few months is travelling to different wine regions by tasting different wines – from the comfort of my own home!

I have recently tried two delicious rosé wines from Côtes du Rhône in Southern France, and was so inspired that I turned it into a rosé wine panna cotta, the perfect summer dessert to pair with the wine! The rosé wines from the region typically have a full, fresh taste, pairing well with summer salads to light fruity desserts.

The Côtes du Rhône stretches from Vienne in the north to Avignon in the south. Most known for their excellent red wines but actually, their whites and rosé wines are growing more and more popular as they are being discovered! The region offers wines that are great value, easy to find and versatile with all sorts of dishes. In addition, many labels are organic and environmentally responsible – so look out for Vin Biologique on the bottle next time you are looking to share a bottle of great wine!


Panna Cotta with Côtes du Rhône Rosé wine jelly

Serves 6

For the panna cotta:
7g powder gelatine
100ml milk
500ml double cream
60g caster sugar

For the Rosé wine jelly:
7g powder gelatine
200ml Côtes du Rhône Rosé wine
80g caster sugar

  1. To make the panna cotta, first sprinkle the gelatine onto the milk. Set aside and allow the gelatine to dissolve.

  2. Meanwhile, add double cream and sugar into a saucepan. Heat on medium until almost boiling. Whisk the mixture and add the milk-gelatine gradually. Pour into individual glasses, set aside to cool to room temperature, then cover with cling film and chill for at least 4 hours.

  3. Once the panna cotta is set, prepare the jelly. In a bowl, pour 80ml of the rosé wine, then sprinkle the gelatine on top. Set aside to allow the gelatine to dissolve.

  4. Add the remaining wine and sugar to a saucepan, heat on medium until the sugar has dissolved. Whisk and add the wine-gelatine mixture gradually. Allow to cool to room temperature.

  5. Remove the panna cotta from the fridge, and carefully pour the jelly liquid on top. Cover again and chill for 4 hours.

  6. When ready to serve, decorate with fresh raspberries and a mint leaf.

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